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iStock is the internet's premiere destination for royalty-free stock images, media and design graphics. For the past 10 years professional artists, designers and photographers from all over the globe have utilized to create beautiful websites, brochures, banners, and more. iStock offers hundreds of thousands of vector illustrations, video clips, music clips and sound effect clips. There are several different styles available on IStock. In general, the styles are photo, vector (a vector art is basically a graphic that can shrink or expand in size and maintain the same appearance), and illustration. Look for a tiny crown graphic below the thumbnail of the graphic you are interested in. If you see a tiny gold crown then you have come across an image exclusive to iStock. If you see an orange camera then you have come across a Vetta Image which is a very high quality production image. If you want a photo that is not seen everywhere already be sure to look at the number of downloads. Obviously the less downloads the more unique your photo will be to your project in comparison with other projects across the internet.

You will need to get an account before you make a purchase. You then need to purchase credits. Purchasing credits in bulk is a smart way to save money on buying your pictures. The minimum you can buy is 8 credits for $1.75 a credit. The maximum purchase is for 1000 credits at $1.47 per credit. That means if you are running a web design agency you can save 16% (roughly $285) by loading up on 1000 credits instead of chipping away with small credit purchases. Different images go for different credit prices. The most determining factor in the amount you will pay for a photo is it's file size. The larger the file size the more you can expect to pay for the image with a higher credit asking price.

Currently we have no active iStock Promo Code. See our current stock photo promotions here.

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Sta11one (McDonald, US) says...
This iStock Coupon Code saved me $26.40 on a 24 credit package. If you aren't using these promo codes for iStock you are getting ripped off. There is no doubt about it.
16th August 2015 8:12pm
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